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Hearts, double-taps, or anything you name it – ‘likes’ have become a standard form of acceptance on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms that have billions of active users all over the world.

The algorithm of Instagram

This social platform was introduced to focus mainly on communicating through attractive pictures and catchy videos to keep people engaged using the visual medium. In the beginning, most of the features of mobile apps were stripped off for uploading, liking and commenting on pictures. It was more like sending an instant telegram to people, and that’s how the name ‘Instagram’ was founded. Over time, numerous changes and updates have come and changed the algorithms of the app.

There was a point where users were ready to get instagram followers cheap, just to gain popularity and get a public confirmation that they are posting good content and are being accepted by the users. They try to fit into the world of social media thinking that likes are the currency to maintain a social life on the internet. Yet, this created the fear of not gaining attention or appreciation, and an urge for being identified and unique, which began instilling mental issues such as inferiority complex, anxiety, depression, self-doubt and lack of self-esteem among teenagers.