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By purchasing our products, you will undoubtedly get a fresh and bright mix of flavors, among which are berry flavor, watermelon, mango, strawberry, fruit mix, as well as sweet flavors, cream, and many others. Our market is focused on each user depending on his taste preferences. From the e-juice using Alpine Berry JUUL capsules, you will feel the great taste, as well as softness on the throat. Our products are suitable for beginners’ vapers, as well as for experienced ones who prefer something light. Find your JUUl taste on

We have everything a smoker needs. Check out the full range of our products at VAWOO. Our Juul compatible pods UK provides satisfaction in order to meet the standards of smokers who want to move from smoking cigarettes to something simpler and more relaxed and less harmful. And this is the perfect option. Just insert the capsule, and experience freedom from cigarette ash and unpleasant smell.

Why JUUL pods are popular?

Today, the pods are very popular (of course, they should and are used only by adults). They are considered mini-devices, using capsules instead of e-liquids and tanks.

You can purchase capsules for yourself or your friend as a gift.

If you are trying for the first time – take a device for beginners. Pods use a combination of nicotine salt with salt and nicotine Freebase, which provides a noticeable bump in the throat, a high nicotine content and an increased taste.

Every product developed with care for you and to reduce the harm of nicotine for you and those around you.