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One morning you decide to check your Facebook page and click on the notification to find out that your bestie is celebrating her birthday today. Your heart starts to beat faster as you haven’t prepared a gift. It has just slipped your mind! Can you imagine such a situation? I definitely can, as it happened to me several times.

However, there is a perfect solution that will save the day: you can order flower delivery online. But how to choose the best floral company? We have some recommendations if you want to send flowers in Latvia.

How to choose flower delivery: 3 must-know tips

Choosing one company can be challenging as there are so many offers on the market. We prepared several simple tips that will ease your life. Here are our pieces of advice.

1.    Read the reviews

Similar to other services, the reviews of the florist are worth your attention. Check them before booking flowers to be sure that you make the smart decision and can trust the company.

2.    Pay attention to flower arrangements on the website

Always purchase bouquets from a company that provides you with a wide variety of flowers. The more flowers you see, the better your choice is.

3.    Delivery on time is important

Choose a company that guarantees timely delivery. Blooms delivered too early will lose their freshness and won’t live long.

Ziedu piegade Riga or flower delivery in Riga comes in different forms, as many florists offer such a set of services, but your aim is to choose the best one.