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Let’s be brutally honest here – repairs work in Chicago can cost a lot. And that’s why it’s completely understandable that you might want to tackle the project on your own. 

However, this is how each bad story starts. Even if the project seems like a piece of cake, you never know what twists and turns your journey will take!

What can go wrong? 

If you start the window glass repair, you might need to have a second person on the outside, securing the glass pane so that it doesn’t fall out. Now, you need a second person to help you…

If you don’t use the best type of insulation, your heating bill is going to grow fast. And surely you don’t follow the latest news in insulation. Or do you?

If you take out the glass from the frame, you might find that there are problems with the framing. You’ve just framed yourself for a major gig with the “window area”. And there’s a slight chance that you know how to do that. 

There are some pretty good repairs companies in Chicago. Hire them and nip all of those problems in the bud!