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Selling a home is always a tough process. From getting all the documents in order to screening potential buyers, you are in for some serious work. But what if you’ve done everything right, but nobody is ready to buy?

Let’s look at the top reasons why your house may not be appealing to potential new owners.

1. You Set a High Price

Setting the right price is an integral part of any sale. When it comes to houses, you need to pay special attention to the market to ensure your price is competitive.

The asking price directly affects the number of showings and offers. Consider hiring a business broker to help you set the right price for your home.

2. You Have a Unique Property

If your house has an unusual room layout or a specific landscape, it may take more time to sell it. It’s also tougher to sell houses that are larger or smaller than average. Such homes have to wait for the right customer to come by.

If your home is unique, there isn’t much you can do except wait or adjust the price tag. According to AFS General Contracting, it’s more expensive and time-consuming to adjust your home to the standards than to drop the price and sell it “as is”.

3. Your House Has a Poor Curb Appeal

Homes that don’t appear attractive from the first glance, usually have a tougher time selling than polished properties. It doesn’t take that much effort to mow the lawn, paint the walls, clean windows, and do similar tweaking. However, these actions could improve your home’s appeal drastically.

You may want to hire a landscaping expert or take full advantage of DIY quick-fix solutions. According to the National Association of Realtors, landscape upgrades have a 100% ROI.

4. Your House is too Dark

Darkness doesn’t appeal to anybody. So lighten up your home. Add fixtures, remove dark curtains, open windows. Make your home appear bright and happy. You may want to consider repainting walls a lighter color or adding mirrors.

An average buyer is looking for an airy and inviting house. Cater to their needs. Such renovations don’t require large investments but have a high ROI.

5. Your House is too Personalized

When buyers look at a house, they have to imagine themselves living in it. If you have personal things, such as photos or mementos lying around, you are pressing the potential buyers’ imagination.

Remove your personal belongings but don’t leave the house empty. An empty home, unless it’s freshly renovated, usually has a gloomy appearance.

Other reasons why your home isn’t selling could be unprofessional listing photos, problems with documents, old furniture and appliances, and poor agent work. Review your home selling efforts to pinpoint the problem.

Remember, it takes some time to sell a home. Don’t expect to finalize the deal within a week or even a month. The average selling time is about 2.5 months.