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If you can’t conceive but really want to start a family, there is a way out. You have a chance to turn to an egg donor agency and find yourself a perfect donor. There are numerous companies that offer this service, so you only choose the agency and half the job is done. There are 3 basic steps you need to do to get eggs. Let’s sum them up in order to understand the general idea behind the process.

The most important step

The initial stage of getting an egg donor is to choose an excellent agency. Sign up only with a trustworthy agency that is sure to deliver you the highest quality of service. For instance, can probably be one of the best choices.

The procedure after you sign up

This step includes picking one person from the list of candidates. So, basically, when you start working with an agency, you’ll be offered a list of candidates that can share eggs with you. You can choose a person by any characteristics you wish: race, appearance, intuition, etc. Once you find your No 1 option, your donor will confirm her participation. The following steps mostly cover the various tests, screens, etc. This way you’ll be sure your donor is healthy and your child will be healthy as well.

As you can see, the procedure of getting an egg donor is quite simple. The agency’s managers will walk you through the process and keep you updated if any chances happen.