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The online chess games can be very tough to handle with all the various websites present on the internet and the same no. of cheat code users to play the games and may cause a loss for the users. The user has a lot of cheat strategies for the hard game of chess instead of playing the user let the computer detect the hard moves. The cheating can make the whole process a very less winning and boring one for the user.

Can users cheat in the lichess

The liches cheat detection by the chess bot is very efficient while the liches do not entertain any ideas regarding cheating in chess. The players can avail of the best strategical programmings and still finds their ways of cheating. The lichess urges the users not to apply any tactics and win through the hard mental work so that the game of chess can be enjoyed by both the parties and provide an entertaining game for both. The game of chess can be ruined very easily with the cheating tactics the hackers come up with, and sometimes the web builders also do not recognize it easily.

Chess bot strategies

The chess bot can be very efficient in the engine detection for the cheating squads with its real-time fixtures; it can detect the teams uses lichess cheat for winning the matches. Cheating is very formidable in the site, and when detected an account that cheats can be banned by the site with no prior explanation or any reasons.


The chess bot offers the best strategies and detects the players that can cheat off the customers in the game. The cheating of the players can be a very horrible experience in all for the user and can cost them in being banned for life from the site.