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Gel polish manicure is the most popular type of manicure nowadays, and that is not for nothing.


  • Spectacular appearance

Gel Polish looks very nice and naturally on the nails. This coating has a deep color, unbelievable gloss, and a smooth coating, comparable only to the most expensive ordinary nail polishes. Besides, there will be no scratches on the smooth surface of gel polish and your nails will shine for 2-3 weeks as they were covering recently. And with kodi professional usa you can create very interesting designs because of the wide range of materials.

  • The fast way of gel polish covering

The procedure of gel polish covering is very simple and fast. Preparing the nail for coating does not require cutting of the nail plate, which prevents injury to the nail and the skin around. The coating does not require long drying and quickly becomes dry in a UV lamp or LED lamp.

  • Easy and harmless removing

Gel polish is removed with the help of a special liquid for 15 minutes, without cutting down and damaging the nail. New coating can be covered immediately, without interruption.

  • Strengthen the nails

Gel polish manicure not only makes your nails beautiful and well-groomed but help them to become stronger and to grow faster. Gel polish protects your nails from cracks and damages.

If you want your hands to look beautiful all the time, there are no reasons to hesitate. Choose a good master and enjoy your well-groomed nails!