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Citations are an important part of any research paper. They are important for your paper to be proved as plagiarism-free. Chicago style is a standard citation method to put references of various materials you took while researching for your academic paper. Chicago Writing style manual guides you through different aspects of Chicago style and citations.

General aspects of Chicago style and citations

To cite sources, while writing an academic paper is absolutely necessary. The people judging the paper identify the sources and verify it to know if the paper is well-researched or not. Some important aspect of Chicago style citation are as follows-

  • Footnotes as Citations in Chicago style- On every page, if you are quoting from an author or book, then cite the source in the footnote itself. There is no need to put the whole bibliography in the end after putting footnotes. When the source has to be identified from the footnote , then check the superscript number on the text and match it with the footnote.
  • Shortened notes in Chicago style- If any source is constantly repeated, then in Chicago style citation the condensed form of the reference is presented. For multiple authors, a short form is used. The title and publisher’s name also gets reduced.

In Chicago style, citations are done by using footnotes and endnotes. A superscript number is placed after a quote or paraphrase within the text to easily refer it to the footnote where the actual source is cited. If you need any kind of help in research writing then websitews like are here to help you.