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Due to the development of technology in the internet world, most of the transactions are done online. Shopping, banking, advertising, marketing, billing and so many can be done with the help of the internet. It is very common among people that everyone is having a credit card to enjoy the internet benefits completely without any interruption, it becomes mandatory nowadays of having credit cards that are used for various purposes which makes life more convenient and easier. But some people regret to use credit cards because of some increasing fraudulent activities in daily life. 


Virtual credit cards


Virtual credit cards are simply called VCC are the disposable cards which are used for making all the kinds of online payments with the help of the internet. It’s simply called single-use credit cards by the users. Unlike normal credit cards, these virtual card numbers are simply protecting the personal information as well as the credit info while doing each transaction and it is very safe to use as well. With the help of a virtual credit card, you can make an online transaction at any time. The temporary numbers of this card which makes you do the complete transaction without revealing your original credit card number at any cause.



Purpose of virtual credit card


This useful virtual credit card is specially designed to be used only a single time on a website. And, the card number can be used sometimes for so many purchases because the card is valid for a time limit, which makes you use multiple-use before the card becomes inactive. And usually, these cards are issued by some of the major brands like Visa card, Master Card, and many other banking organizations as well. And these cards are prepaid cards with no credit line being made on the transaction available on them.


Many fraudulent activities can be avoided by using virtual credit cards which are similar to online gift vouchers. These cards are a good source of some additional security as well, no hackers can find or make use of your card. There is no restriction of accepting these cards on any shopping sites or in any online billing system. For accessing the card, the user needs to open an account and add some money before they start to use the card. And the application usually differs from each provider, but the basic needs will be the same.