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Sellbery is expanding its global customer presence. The platform supports businesses around the world, wherever they are located. Also, the brand provides the opportunity to reach markets around the world, from global Amazon and Facebook to regional platforms.

Let’s take a look at all Sellbery integrations: who are their customers, which regions are targeted. So you can choose a marketplace with a certain targeting for the desired region.

Global / North America Marketplaces

Amazon mainly gathers sellers and customers from the United States, but other countries also have a significant share:

  • United States — 52%
  • China — 8%
  • United Kingdom — 7%
  • Canada — 5%
  • India — 4%
  • Other countries — 25%

eBay is also focused on North America. More than 70% of the traffic comes from the US. Then they are followed by:

China — 1.93%

Canada — 1.84%

Russia — 1.75%

United Kingdom — 1.69%

Etsy is a market where sellers and buyers from 83 countries are represented. Traffic also comes mainly from the United States. But this site has a higher share of other countries — about 34% of buyers live outside the US. Part of explanation: this marketplace occupies a special niche in e-commerce, it sells handmade, vintage and other unusual things shopify ebay integration.

Facebook is good if you want to enter a truly global marketplace.

  1. The social network uses the concept of multicultural affinities. For example, in the U.S. 43% of users belong to African American culture, and another 43% to Hispanic culture.
  2. Moreover, the majority of network users are outside North America and Europe — these two regions have the lowest number of monthly and daily users.
  3. Asian-Pacific users comprise nearly 41.3% of monthly active users.

Shopify is founded by three Canadians. Not surprisingly, the majority of customers come to the platform from the US (41.91%) and Canada (5.72%). This is followed by the UK (5.66%) and Australia (3.54%). By the way, India is showing very rapid growth. Now the share of traffic from this country is 3.05%. But the number of buyers has increased by 25.17% in 2020 compared to last year.

Walmart is almost exclusively the American marketplace. Visitors from the United States comprise for 96.13%.

WooCommerce. This electronic platform has a global reach. Visitors come from countries:

  • United States — 14.17%.
  • India — 6.56%
  • United Kingdom — 6.33%
  • Brazil — 3.64%

North America / Europe Marketplaces

Magento 1 and 2 are popular e-commerce platforms in the world. The majority of sellers (and users respectively) are located in the U.S. (39,612 sites). However, the platform is well-known in European countries:

  • United Kingdom takes 2nd place with 8,799 websites
  • Germany is in 3rd place with 7,609 e-commerce sites

Rakuten USA is also popular in North America. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese e-commerce giant. The largest number of visitors comes from North America (62.47%) and France (24.78%).

Shopware — this platform gathers sellers and buyers from Europe.

  • Germany — 74.46%
  • Austria — 5.74%
  • Switzerland — 3.66%

Regional Marketplaces

Lazada — this marketplace is suitable if you target the product in Indonesia. Traffic comes from these countries:

  • Indonesia — 95.17%.
  • China — 2.10%
  • United States — 0.62%
  • Singapore — 0.49%
  • Malaysia — 0.27%

Mercado Libre is a fast growing market for Latin American countries. The Argentine company supports the most popular e-commerce marketplace on this continent. Traffic comes from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, etc.

All these integrations are available with Sellbery. To help businesses recover from the pandemic, the brand provides free access to all tariff plans until July 1, 2020. Globalize your business on a convenient platform!