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You probably know that you can make money taking surveys, doing freelance work, etc. However, have you ever heard of a possibility to make extra cash listening to music? Sounds incredible and it’s absolutely true. There are several sites that let you earn cash for things you do anyway. Let’s discover some of the most famous sites.

The double advantage of your free time

Slice the Pie is a project of discovering new things. The site pays you for listening to new songs and artists and evaluating them. Actually, it’s a great opportunity to hear some songs that haven’t been even released yet. The platform works with many producers and record labels gathering this data for them. You can withdraw as little as $10.

SurveyClarity also recommends trying InboxDollars Radio. This feature is like watching videos for money. Just stay on the page and listen to the stations that are playing. The reward is very little but why not take advantage of it since you were going to listen to music anyway. This website also allows you to combine this income with coins you get for surveys and other activities.

Another interesting project is Musicxray. It’s a service that matches your preferences to the new songs. You get them directly in your email and make money for listening. The aim of this site is mainly advertising because exposure is everything to the new artists. You make money per each song if you listen to it for at least 30 seconds.