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There’s a lot of companies who are ready to provide payday loans on the Filipinos market, but many of these wage highly unscrupulous activities and offer unfavorable terms of use. Cashcat is different. This company is all about the high quality of service and convenience to its customer base. And it’s because of this diligent and customer-focused approach that the provider has become extremely popular all around the country. 

In this Cashcat review, we want to talk about the major benefits the company offers.


First, all applications get processed very fast and never longer than within 1 business day. 

Second, the company seeks to deliver the products to a wide range of potential customers aged from 17 to 65 and having a documented source of income. 

Third, the applicant can go through the full process fully online with no need to visit the office or answer any phone calls. 

And, just as many other payday loan providers, you can extend your contract for an unlimited number of times, provided that you have repaid the minimum interest rate amount. But what’s different is that the repeat loans are processed in just 2 minutes!