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Future truck drivers need to take the CDL classes first. They stand for the Commercial Drivers’ License classes and allows people to work in the truck driving business. Such a requirement was introduced by the Department of Transportation and is obligatory. However, some requirements might differ based on the state.

Today, we’ll find out more about Class B CDL Training –

What is the Class B license good for?

Class B training is better suited for buses, dump trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, etc. It differs from Class A by allowing to drive vehicles over 26 000 lb towing vehicles that are less than 10 00 lb. It’s a great way to start working in the trucking business.

What are the basic requirements?

It’s a popular type of license that has the same basic requirements. A person must be 18 and older, have a driving license from the state where he gets Class B training, good driving records, and corresponding to physical requirements.

Choosing between Class A and B licenses

To make the right choice, one must compare what each license type brings. It’s also wise to consider the purpose of getting a certain license. Type A, for instance, is not only more expensive but suitable for long distances. Type B, on the other hand, is great for local truck driving.

Other things to consider

  • Keep in mind that a Class B CDL allows drivers to operate only within the state where the license was issued.
  • If you want to do furniture or parcel delivery, become a household goods mover or work for a pickup and delivery company, Class B license is a must.
  • To get a Class B license, one has to pick a good truck driving school that offers this program. Be wise and account for the learning schedule, expenses, and other factors.